Me, Myself and My Blog…

So here you are stumbling across my blog…

My name is Tegan Kingham and I’m currently a first year student at the University of Wollongong studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media studies and majoring in marketing and advertising. As a component of my course I am required to complete and regularly update a blog and here we are! Enough of the basics, Here is a little about myself… I am a driven and motivated girl who is passionate about speaking my mind. I am a dancer at heart who loves any chance i can to get up on the stage and express my emotions through the world of dance! Dance is what has helped shape me into who i am today, it has revealed so much, emotionally and physically about myself discovering new boundaries to the ability to push outside my comfort zone.Social butterfly, beach bum, shire girl, social media addict, spends money quicker than she earns it and a girl who is never more than 30cm from her phone! BCM110 and BCM112 student, or should i say #bcm112… gotta keep the hashtags to get them trending! Hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to comment and share your opinions! As they say… Happy Blogging!



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