“The Buzz” on Citizen Journalism, Thriving or Dying?

Citizen journalism seems to be the talk of the town in current society as it becomes one of the hottest talked about topics to be implemented into news businesses, as it continues to emerge throughout the current media. The continual debate throughout the news.. Is citizen journalism essential going to be proven to be a future profitability for news companies?

I found this quite an interesting debate of discussion. As i begun to research further into the debate It was revealed that news companies have been predominantly confused and quite skeptical about the concept. Each company seemed to be enthusiastic about the idea of experimenting with this emerging idea but had fears of it not successfully projecting throughout the media.

Is there any difference between journalism and citizen journalism?

Although there are multiple opinions and definitions on “citizen journalism,” to be defined simply, Is the private reporting of information, just like professional media reporters; except it is predominantly carried out online. This allows the report to be broadcasted across many mediums, furthering the expansion across the media platforms, such as podcasts. Unlike professional journalists, citizen journalists are more “free-willed,” signifying less limitations but consequently could result in not being paid for their work. This has been an issue that has emerged only in the recent years as it has been shown, at the time of creation of citizen journalism in the early 2000’s, was hailed to be the next ‘big thing,’ allowing information gathering to be of a more democratic process for reporters. Due to the inaccuracy of some journalists, citizen journalists have more recently been flogged from the reporting of certain events such as the Superstorm Sandy overseas. As some citizen journalists don’t get paid for their efforts its proven to be clear that they aren’t going to be expected to be giving a larger and more detailed input into their gathering their information.

Is there a future for citizen journalism? Will it thrive or die?

It has a seemingly controversial view on the future for citizen journalism. Due to the reasons such as the issues stated above, reporting without pay and inaccuracy of articles unveils currently that the future ahead has come to a standstill. The article i have attached below further reveals commonly asked questions regarding what appears to be ahead for citizen journalism.


An interview with Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, reveals to audiences that “Citizen journalists need to be obsessive but not crazy.” Higgins works with eight other volunteers to strive to effectively achieve a career in citizen journalism. He states to be “helping other people doing that work to get recognition,” he said, and to be giving them “room to make their own names.”

I guess for now we will just have to wait and see what the future holds..







3 thoughts on ““The Buzz” on Citizen Journalism, Thriving or Dying?

  1. Really cool discussion! I think it’s so interesting to look at whether citizen journalism is thriving or dying. This concept happened so quickly and it might be dying just as quickly, especially with the new metadata laws that have no been passed and how the government strongly disagrees with any kind of journalism that doesn’t correspond with Public Relations. Which is a heavy dislike towards cities journalism by the government. It definitely looks like this is a dying concept rather then thriving.

    I suggest looking at this article that will give you a bigger understanding on how the metadata laws will effect journalism in the future! http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-17/xenophon-journalists-metadata/6326858

    Really cool blog post and very informative, loved it!


  2. Loves your critical analysis of citizen journalism and comparing it to professional journalism, I believe citizen journalism will live on and its professional journalism that will continue to be undermined and may suffer as technology grows!


  3. I really enjoyed reading your perspective on citizen journalism. I think it is an important question to think about in today’s society. I personally believe citizen journalism will continue to increasingly grow mainly due to the fact that common individuals are receiving media attention for their posts etc. Such as the countless citizen videos of the Twin Towers Terrorist attack in America. Many of those videos have been used by documentaries, news broadcasts and even in films. In a selfish way, I think society wants to post images like this to receive recognition in this growing pretentious and technologically driven world.
    The only flaw on can think of is if you incorporated your own media platform into this. Judging from your Twitter post I think it is Instagram? You could have perhaps written a paragraph or found images posted by individuals on Instagram who have attempted to be citizen journalists.
    Still a very engaging post! 🙂


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