Dont mess with me, I’m a microcelebrity!

A celebrity alone can be defined from the lady who you serves you at your local fruit shop to the social media kings and queens, like the one and only #kimye. But lets be serious here, a celebrity is basically who you consider to be a ‘famous person.’ It is through each individual’s profession that allows their social media persona, to define themselves as a celebrity.

To stop you from being totally lost, let me explain what a microcelebrity actually is…

To be broken down into a concept that us, to be understood by the social media addicts that we are, a microcelebrity is an individual who becomes famous in a specific area. A prime example to be considered would have to be nobody other than Kurt Coleman. Kurt is a teenager who has become famous through various media platforms from being utterly self-obsessed. He has become a nation-wide star from posting hundreds of “selfies” to his social media accounts, along with creating his own hashtag, #perflikekurt, resulting in the tag becoming one of the most used throughout many media platforms. Kurt is a perfect example to showcase the power of the media through sharing and posting within the media… Who knew that from posting photos and maintaining an online persona could result in fame?!

Below i have attached an interview with Kurt himself, and no doubt you’ll be able to see his extremely unique personality!

Thats all for now, If i were to ever become a micro celebrity the first thing i would say would have to be… GET ME OUT OF HERE! #punintended

Please don’t hesitate to remain, #perflikekurt

Tegan 🙂



2 thoughts on “Dont mess with me, I’m a microcelebrity!

  1. Your post has clearly outlined the rise of celebrity practice on Twitter and the concept of ‘micro-celebrity’. I really enjoy how you have made this post concise and engaging by your use of modern-day examples, #hashtags and interpretative definitions of who and what it is to be a ‘celebrity’. Your Kurt Coleman example typifies your concept of a micro-celebrity, and the inclusion of his interview is evidence of his self-indulgent persona! What I really like about your post, is that yes you have established the power of the media, but you also pose the question of what an online persona can actually do to your life in reality… whether it be to get coverage as a musician or in Kurt’s case, defining ‘perfect’ as himself. It has really made me understand the simplicity of constructing a social media persona, but also how the intended construction can lead to a different interpretation by the social media they used to create it.

    Keep up the great writing 🙂


  2. Very clear, well written post. Your use of Kurt Coleman as an example was absolutely perfect, upon hearing the term “micro- celebrity” he was the first person that came to mind! People and things becoming famous for not really anything at all seems to be on the rise these days. I suppose we can thank the rise of social media for that, do you agree?


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