Digitization and all things totes digi!

To be honest with you here, the word “digitization” had me confused alone. Here i was reading ‘digitalisation,’ so i knew I was off to a strong start when I stumbled across the readings for this weeks lecture. Making things better, I was unable to attend this weeks lecture from being sick. So… back to basics it was for Tegs.

What even is digitization?


Well, basically digitisation is the conversion of a source of analog information, such as a photograph or a text article to a digital form, predominantly onto electronic devices, so that the information can be processed and stored through digital networks. Both the conversion of images and of text are digitized quite similarly, while audio and video conversion is carried out utilising one of a few different forms of ‘digital to analog,’ which is defined by converting the file without altering the original content by using a multi-level signal. The source is assessed by measuring the amplitude and the waveform of the files.

Digitisation is becoming more and more popular through the emergence of technology as society unintentionally phases out the use of analog files. It is revealed as so many people rely on digital technology sources to get through their daily routines. Not only is it more convenient to have the digital forms of files, but it allows users to become more easily accessible and reliable with their sources of information, along with the files being easier to preserve. Digitization is a forever growing trend, as technology becomes more of a necessity than a privilege.







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