Transmedia Storytelling… What even is it?

As I stumbled across the topic that was being addressed at this lecture, i honestly thought to myself…
What even is Transmedia Storytelling? Well, obviously it has some form of role within society and media, but honestly, I was quite intrigued to further look into the whole concept of transmedia storytelling and how it relates to the current media.


Transmedia storytelling put plain and simple is the use of many different media platforms to show a narrative across periods of time. Each piece of the media, regardless of the source being a comic, novel, video game or just an application for a mobile phone device, functioning as an individual experience. Each medium makes it own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story- (Jenkins,2007 ). The more mediums added to the story, accumulates to a richer and more detail to the narration. An advantage to transmedia storytelling is the process is reliant on participation. It has been seen that transmedia storytelling has been utilised as sources of marketing and branding campaigns, as i have attached in the youtube source below. It is through the three stage process of persuasion, audience connection and financial impacts that transmedia storytelling is successfully achieved through these phases and ability to be utilised across multiple mediums.



2 thoughts on “Transmedia Storytelling… What even is it?

  1. Great article Tegan! I agree that the use of a popular TV show makes it really engaging, and particularly for a readership not studying BCM112. You might also find this interesting:

    It’s much the same, but applying the concept to the Harry Potter franchise. Other than a few typos and grammatical issues (we all have them), the post was really easy to read. I particularly liked that you incorporated persuasion, audience connection and financial impacts as being crucial to the success of transmedia storytelling.


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