Instagram… #ismyprofilesafe #selfieregrets

The worldwide renowned social media site, Instagram; developed in 2010, allows users to share images of their day-to-day lives. This site offers users to elect either a public profile; meaning anybody using the site can “follow” their posts, or are able to opt for a private profile, allowing the user to decline or accept the follow requests. The sites use of “hashtags” allows other users of the social networking site to view images posted that match the given hashtag. This becomes provoking as it can result in users of the general public exploiting other people’s images for their own use, breaching an individual’s consent of their own personal privacy. Unlike Facebook’s privacy regulations that remove content at their own consensus, Instagram allows almost any image to be posted on their site. 11% of Instagram users aged predominantly between 16-29, post content that they regret, with images consisting of an inappropriate nature. Research has shown that many Instagram users have had their images reused beyond their own consent, but when approaching the site about having the image deleted was not able to achieve their desired outcome as according to the sites “privacy and consent terms” the action is beyond their control. So.. next time you decide to post an image of you out clubbing, highly intoxicated when your employer has access to your Instagram profile, think; Will I regret this later?

Many cases have seen photos posted on the site, in extreme cases cost them their careers. In my opinion, its absolutely crazy that one image can cost you your job!

Next time you post your #selfie on #instadaily realise its there for all too see, and yes you can delete the image, but who knows who actually has already #screenshotted the image for their own purposes?

Privacy is becoming minimised by the second, think before you post, you never know who’s on the “viewing” side of the image….



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