The World of Remixing and Mash-ups

This weeks lecture explored the world of remix culture and mashups. Through the emergence of digital technologies, remixing music has become an activity being undertaken more often, and infant, more extreme. In my mind, i just automatically assumed both remixing and mashups were the same thing… but are they actually?

Mashups are actually visual remixes. Most mashups are usually created from videos and websites, combining content from various different digital sources. Mashups provide viewers of the internet with entertaining and creative ways to watch content. The concept “mashup” most commonly derives from the notion of combining numerous songs and “mashing” each song into one. Below i have attatched a prime example of what a mash-up looks/sounds like!

Remixing is made when various separate media components are combined to form a new and different piece of media with an entirely different definition than the original work, and altering the balance of the original track. There is actually three different types of remixing, extended, selective and reflexive. 

Youtube is a central hub for both mashups and remixing, many channels are based purely on either/or both. Copyright laws are such a controversial debate, as many disagree with the fact ,we are able to reuse copyright content without permission for purposes of comment, critique, homage and media literacy education.



2 thoughts on “The World of Remixing and Mash-ups

  1. Hi Tegan!
    I also thought at first both remixing and mash-ups were the same thing. You have clearly understood the lecture with what mash-ups and remixes actually are and also have given further facts to towards both ideas. The input of your YouTube videos allowed me to view your post easily as your information flows quite well. Maybe you could use hyperlinks to further mash-up or remixing websites for further exploration.
    I also like how you stated the three different types of remixing and also how you implemented copyright, as myself see remixes as infringing copyright anyway although making it in a different definition to allow audiences to enjoy and yet become aware of the original work.


  2. Interesting approach! I actually had no idea that remix and mash-up were different. We must of been living under the same rock! So in other words could you say that
    Mash up = fruit kabob
    Remix = strawberries blended into smoothie?
    Enjoyed reading your blog! x


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