Does An Image Lie?

Global fashion brand American Apparel is renowned for its controversial advertisements, but when is the line drawn?


Is it really necessary to advertise clothing from a sexual perspective?

Personally, I don’t believe promoting ‘Bodysuits and Thigh-Highs’ regardless of the intent of the advertisement, should involve a woman photographed only waist below. In addition to the position of the pictures, the model is situated in what appears to be of a sexual nature, focusing each image on her lower torso region; enhancing to the notion of ‘sex sells.’ It is clearly evident through the high-cut bodysuit, that no underwear is being worn, which is further emphasized by two of the images captured on the right side of the advertisement as her crutch is exposed as a sales focus.

But who is the marketing focus?

From the method that American Apparel globally markets their garments, it is depicted that it would be targeting adolescent males. If this were to actually be the case, the company would be correctly marketing its apparel. In the instance of this image, it is actually aiming young women, surprising hey? Well it definitely shocks me.

In my opinion, I find these images quite repulsive and uncomfortable. It astounds me that such a successful and renowned global apparel company believes in using young women in a sexually promiscuous nature to promote garments of clothing. Personally, from personal research of this company, I no longer believe in purchasing apparel from this company after its clearly evident that they believe ‘sex sells’.

Selling clothing amongst this concept is wrong. I strongly believe American Apparel should re-consider their marketing ideas, Don’t you?

That’s all for now,



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