“Closed Garden” or Generative Platform? You decide!

I bet your probably sitting here reading this thinking, what is this girl on about? Let me answer your first question!

A “closed garden” or most commonly known as a locked appliance, or closed platform is completely restricted to its manufacturer. So basically, the manufacturer of the product has total control of each and every sector of the platform, ultimately this includes the user themselves. A metaphoric prime example of a closed platform, is the Apple iPhone. When buying the iPhone many consumers are unaware they aren’t just purchasing the device itself, they are also purchasing a “package” which consists of a wireless contract, software and hardware. Each component of the operating system, currently known as “iOS8”, has gone through a procedure of approval to be able to be used on the device. This includes each application seen on the “App Store”, this process has seen to be quite tedious and Apple is known to decline many “apps”. Regardless of the product being a locked appliance, many people will see it as rather a necessity than a privilege, as statistics show 1 in 3 people currently own, or have purchased the smartphone before.

In significant contrast to a locked appliance, a generative platform or most frequently known as an open platform, is a platform that has no central control. The manufacturer of the product has no preside over powering the platform. A prime example of this concept is Google’s Android. Juxtaposing Apples’s restricted appliance, the Android is an “open garden,” allowing users to contribute to all aspects of the software up to and including applications.

So which is “better?”

Personally, I am an Apple user myself and enjoy the advantages that con-inside with the operating system. In contrast to Android users, Apple’s restricted operating system rarely receives viruses, which improves the reliability of the device. Although Android devices are more “economy friendly” and open, I strongly believe that regardless of Apple being a restricted manufacturer are successful in the production and sales of their products, which is clearly seen in society today.

Well thats my opinion, what do YOU believe is the more efficient and “better” product?

Above is the link to my Soundcloud podcast i have recorded from a clip I have found while researching on the internet, please feel free to share your opinions on their controversial opinions in regards to Apple being a closed platform. I have attached the link to the original clip below!

Thats all for me.. Well for now anyways!

Tegan 🙂


Soundcloud podcast sound source: http://money.cnn.com/video/technology/2011/04/01/t_webbys_pc_mac_android.cnnmoney/






2 thoughts on ““Closed Garden” or Generative Platform? You decide!

  1. This is great post, Tegan! You provide a great debate about open and closed applications. I do agree with many aspects that the soundcloud podcast brings up, that Apple will need to inevitably expand to keep up with the growth and innovation Android has garnered over the past few years. Personally, I am pro-Android due to the non-restrictive nature of it’s operating system. I feel like there is a sense of arrogance with Apple in regards to their ideology to remain closed and force users to stay in their “world”. I guess one could say the message of Apple is constraint and limits in what a user can do whereas Android’s message is freedom with no limits.


  2. Really interesting post! I’m definitely an Apple user as well but it has been good this week to break it down and try to understand why I’ve pledged my allegiance to them, and not to Google or Samsung or any of the other manufacturers. It was interesting to read more about the open platform/open garden idea, and the freedom this allows, and yet we still chose Apple because it’s what we know and have invested in.


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