The World of Copyright..

Although copyright is a law known to many amongst social media, it is one that regardless of its simple term, is commonly breached.

Following this weeks discussion on the ‘world’ of copyright, I was personally intrigued to further research the concept in depth to gain a deeper understanding as to HOW and WHEN copyright is violated. Prior to this research I was blatantly unaware of how often this law is ignored. As media platforms are frequently evolving, streaming sites and torrent files are being used on a daily basis as a source of entertainment, little are many aware they are performing illegal actions…

Copyright infringement, from my research has proven to has hefty consequences, up to and including prosecution. The constant debate to have the right to what is ‘yours’, Is one of a constant battle as the power of social media constantly expands, resulting more individuals breaking the law. I personally believe copyright infringement is a law that needs to become further enforced as it becomes more of a common practise, specifically in todays youth potentially institutionalising young delinquents from a simple ‘click’ of a button.

So next time you really want to fast track your favourite TV show from the US, or downloading your favourite album off a torrent site, think to yourself, Is it really worth NOT waiting?

Feel free to explore my Prezi presentation in relation to this blog post, I aimed to focus briefly on what copyright is and how it is misused, hope you enjoy! –

Thats all from me for now, until next time…

Happy Blogging!


2 thoughts on “The World of Copyright..

  1. Well done Tegan! your understanding of copy right is clear and easy to understand. I agree with you in the power of social media expansion to which more individuals break the law. I also agree that copyright laws need to be looked over, as I do find it unfair that many people get away with illegal acts that jeopardise those whose own the content. Personally I would wait till TV shows come out and purchase it without the risk of copyright infringement notices.

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