Is the message the medium OR is the medium the message?

“Television is cool and radio is hot, thats the message and the medium is  Marshall Mcluhan”- Part One of Marshall Mcluhan’s lecture 1977

Okay so lets be honest here… “The medium is the message” has to be one of the most frustrating quotes to grasp an understanding of. The past week i have been constantly reading and researching into what really does this concept mean? Is the message the medium or is the medium the message? 

I would be lying if I said to you that after trying to deconstruct this quote word for word, i still struggle to master and grasp my own perception on this historical quote. However, from my research, I have managed to gain a simple understanding breakdown. It states that different technologies must be used in different forms of the media, and the fact the medium itself influences society..sounds easier to understand doesn’t it?

As i stumbled across Marshall Mcluhan’s lecture,”” I had come to the conclusion that the medium does NOT lie. From watching his insightful lecture, I soon discovered another youtube clip “” by John Zimmerman which focuses on Mcluhan’s concept of the media being the message of his evolving understanding of the media. Zimmerman has used Mcluhan’s written concept and created his ideas into an entertaining web form that i have attached below!

So Is the message the medium or is the medium the message? …

My question has been answered in the meme i created-

Thats all for now, speak soon!

Tegan 🙂



3 thoughts on “Is the message the medium OR is the medium the message?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this and it helped me understand parts of the concept, even though its still a little foggy. I liked the way you phrased ” Is the message the medium or is the medium the message?” it really got me thinking more deeply.


  2. I really liked your use of different media in your post, definitely gets me thinking more on the concept. Your use of the meme definitely entertains me as I try to construct a foggy idea of ‘the medium is the message’. Job very well done! Gives me a different view on my original opinions of this idea.


  3. Marshall McLuhan didn’t make his theory very clear but you have deciphered his message effectively, helping me understand ‘the medium is the message’. I like how you have expressed your ideas and your own interpretation of the meaning throughout your post gaining further understanding of what McLuhan was trying to effectively portray. The way you phrased “Is the message the medium or is the medium the message?” has gotten me to think deeper into what the question itself is really asking and if i can go about another way of analysing the infamous quote “the medium is the message”
    Overall you have written a great analytical response.


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